Monsin Port covered dock

The île Monsin's covered dock is one of the port installations offering a major advantage because handling, transhipment and storage operations can be undertaken come rain or shine, while sensitive products are kept safe from the damp. Examples are special steels, timber from rare tree species, tobacco, pulp, fibre glass,…

Served by rail and road and surrounded by storage halls covering a total ground area of 10, 000 m², the covered dock has a gantry crane for handling loads of 50 tonnes. It is able to receive and generate revenue from a wide range of operations. Short sea ships, pushed barges, small and large Rhine vessels can be loaded and unloaded there, irrespective of the weather conditions. Thanks to the length of the quays (110 m), the width of the basin (26 m) and the depth of the water (4.50 m), two large 2,200 tonnes Rhine vessels can be received at the same time.

In order to avoid any disruption to the transhipment of vessels berthed in the dock, a wave stopper gate has been installed to cope with the high level of traffic using the Albert Canal. The covered dock solves the problem of transit traffic cargo breakdown affecting sensitive products and general common goods. This applies to the transit of a small vessel arriving from France via the Meuse and to the transit of a large Rhine barge heading for Antwerp and the reverse, or, more frequently, a transit from a carriage and/or lorry to a lighter and vice-versa. It also boasts a rail connection linked to the Belgian network so it can receive entire trains.

As the E25 motorway (2km)is close at hand, the dock is uniquely situated in the heart of Europe.
Over 500 barges and coasters berth there every year.


Technical details concerning the covered dock

Covered water body : 2.600 m²
Covered halls : 8.000 m²
Open areas : 15.000 m²
Railway tracks : 400 m
Cargo hoist lifting capacity : 50 tonnes
Tonnages handled (2006) : 650.000 tonnes