6th SMART Rivers International Conference

04 Jul 2013

6th SMART Rivers International Conference to take place

in outstanding double location setting from 23 to 27 September 2013



The 2013 edition of the 'Strategic Maritime Asset Research and Transformation Rivers Conference for 21st Century Rivers Systems', in short SMART Rivers Conference, will take place from 23 to 27 September 2013 in two neighbouring cities : Liège, Belgium and Maastricht, the Netherlands. The two cities present a unique setting and perfect context for the SMART Rivers Conference as they are merely a few kilometers apart and connected by a major transboundary inland waterway axis, the Meuse river.


This biennial forum, which is once again bringing together those involved in river transport from countries all over the world, is unquestionably a major event in inland waterway transport and technology worldwide.


The 2013 edition is the sixth conference of its kind and the first to be held under the PIANC banner – the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure.


It will be jointly organized by the PIANC National Sections of Belgium and the Netherlands, with major sponsors in the field of inland waterway transport and with the support of local authorities, as well as the Walloon, Flemish and Dutch Waterway Authorities.


The conference will include two days of commission meetings, working groups and workshops in Maastricht, and two days of plenary and technical sessions in Liège, including an exhibition on the premises. The conference will end with one day of technical excursions to several remarkable inland waterway sites and works in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Over 300 participants from Europe, the USA, China, Brazil, Africa, etc. are expected !


The 6th SMART Rivers Conference will cover topics such as information technology and services ; international collaboration ; integration of IWT in the supply chain ; IWT and the environment ; inland ports ; hydraulic structures ; multipurpose use of river systems; etc.


“We are delighted to welcome experts from all around the world to exchange best practice in the field of waterways management,” said Joris Al, Chairman of PIANC Netherlands.

Alfons Moens, Chairman of PIANC Belgium, added: “our comprehensive programme, with a great variety of topics, workshops and presentations, is a unique opportunity to network and pick up the latest worldwide developments in the field of inland waterway transport !”


For detailed information, day-to-day programme and registration, please go to : www.smartrivers2013.org.