As Belgium's foremost and Europe's third inland port (19 million tonnes in 2012), Liège Port Authority is presently developing a multimodal platform called "Liège Trilogiport" located alongside the Albert canal in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau. This future multimodal platform is soon to become a real "logistical village" in the heart of Europe.

The platform has been called Liège Trilogiport, reflecting thus its trimodal character and its ambition to be a large-scale operating site upstream from Northern Europe's sea ports.

So Liège Trilogiport stands for :

  • 3 access points to the sea :
    • Antwerp;
    • Rotterdam;
    • Dunkirk.
  • 3 modes of transport :
    • water;
    • railway;
    • road.
  • 3 trans-border markets :
    • France;
    • Netherlands;
    • Germany.