The concept

In a class of its own the Liège Trilogiport multimodal platform gathers together various assets on the same 100 hectares site :

  1. A trimodal (waterway-rail-road) container terminal (15 ha)
  2. Logistical plots with the latest generation of warehouses (41.7 ha)
  3. Port plots (22 ha)
  4. A tertiary services area (1.8 ha)
  5. An environmental integration area (25 hectares).

« The primary aim of Liège Trilogiport is to offer a home to European distribution centres in direct contact with the container terminal located along the Albert Canal. Businesses setting up shop there are located on the logistical warehouses site, in the immediate vicinity of the Albert Canal, which connects Liège to Antwerp (14 h navigation) and Rotterdam (24h navigation).

Liège Trilogiport is ideally situated as far as the platform is concerned. We are located upstream from four major North Sea ports (Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam and Dunkirk) and in the midst of a market boasting 56 million consumers ! »

Emile-Louis Bertrand, Chief Executive Officer of Liège Port Authority