Liege Trilogiport assets



Good connections with seaports

  • Antwerp – 15h sailing
  • Rotterdam – 24h sailing
  • Dunkirk – 48h sailing

Good motorway and rail network

Liege Trilogiport is located at the hub of a major motorway and rail network allowing trouble-free, fast-paced access to key European cities:
  • Paris (3H30)
  • Aix-la-Chapelle (30 min)
  • Antwerp (1H15)
  • Brussels (1H)
  • Cologne (1H15)
  • Maastricht (15 min)

Ideally situated in a strategic location

Trading area:
  • 56 million inhabitants in a radius of 250 km
  • over 60 % of European purchasing power within a radius of 500 km.
A stone's throw from Liege airport, the 8th largest cargo airport in Europe. Within easy reach of a high-speed train station