International players

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The construction and exploitation of the container terminal (15 ha)

The management of the container terminal has been entrusted to DPW Liege Container Terminals.

Management of logistical plots (60 ha)

Some of the logistical plots have been granted to Jost Group (30 hectares) whereas another 10 hectares in this logistical area have been granted to the Belgian company Warehouses De Pauw.

20 hectares have been also granted to Weerts Supply Chain

 Jost Group is a leading transport and logistics company in Europe and provides added-value services in the areas of road transport, air and sea freight, logistics and customs and forwarding services

WDP is the market leader in Belgium and in the Benelux in the development and in renting out of logistical warehouses. WDP is currently renting out +/- 3,000,000 m2 of warehouses to its customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Romania.