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Launched in 1934 at the instigation of professor FRENKIEL from the University of Liège, CE+T, Construction Electronics and Telecommunications, now employs 100 people, 50% of whom have a university or graduate background, and earmarks 10% of its annual budget to Research & Development : 20 engineers and technicians are assigned to this business component.

Its turnover is reported to have doubled within the space of three years, to reach EUR 20 million in 2005. CE+T's exports were worth over EUR 15 million in 2005.

The set-up in its new premises in 1997 was brought up to strength with a heavy level of investment in R&D, and in manufacturing and laboratory equipment for measuring and testing purposes.

Inverters and uninterruptible power supplies

CE+T is developing, manufacturing and marketing current rectifiers for changing from alternating current to direct current and inverters to apply the same process in reverse. These appliances are connected to batteries. The aim is to offer users uninterruptible power supplies even when the network is suffering problems. Examples of this are found in the fixed and mobile telecommunications sector, information technology, the Internet, the medical profession and industry.

A unique feature of CE+T is to have developed low-power parallelable inverters so that systems to be made secure and powered are equipped with a multiple device for guaranteeing a continuing supply of high-quality power, even when one of the components has failed. The modular concept of the inverters also helps to facilitate maintenance operations.

Our investments outside the country are also focused on this "power" dimension of the parallelable modular inverters. CE+T has an associated company in Zhuhai, China, producing inverters that can count on market interest in terms of high volumes and a research and development laboratory at Trois Vierges, Luxembourg to boost the R&D capacity of our Wandre laboratory.

Service activities

CE+T's development strategy is such that the entity is currently making a comprehensive analysis of its market with a view to offering the best possible service to customers.

Customers no longer seek a product but a comprehensive service covering not only the provision but also the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the systems on a proactive basis. Consequently, CE+T announced in 2001 its development of a major customer-based approach providing tailor-made solutions in terms of installation, cabling, response and maintenance.