Carrières et Fours à Chaux DUMONT WAUTIER

Port area : Hermalle-sous-Huy
Activities : Produits carriers


La Mallieue 95
4470 Saint-Georges-Sur Meuse BE

+32 4 275 85 14
+32 4 275 84 12
Delphine DIDIER



Carrières et Fours à Chaux Dumont-Wautier forms part of the Lhoist group, one of the world's leading producers of lime and dolomite for industry, farming and the environment.

Lhoist is one of the world's leading producers of lime and dolomite. Lhoist is a private company  that went from strength to strength in the previous century to become one of the world's leading lime and dolomite producers. Lhoist operates 90 production sites in 22 countries. Lhoist activities cover all of Europe, from southern Spain to northern Scandinavia and from the United Kingdom to Poland. On the American continent, the company is operating in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Brazil. Lime is often regarded as one of the most versatile products: it is used in a great many industrial sectors. Our group serves thousands of customers in myriad sectors such as the environment, the construction industry, civil engineering, chemicals, steel, farming, paper and glass. The supplies for many of our national and international customers are carried by inland waterway or by sea, thereby taking the pressure off our highways and motorways. This applies to our entire range of limestone and dolomite. Every year our Marche-les-Dames production site in the Meuse basin sends huge quantities of stones to our Saint-Georges-sur- Meuse limestone furnaces. It was decided in 2004 that the consignments should be carried by river, meaning over 50,000 fewer journeys by lorry between the two sites every year. In recognition of its environmentally-friendly transport credentials, the LHOIST group was awarded a special prize during the 10th anniversary of the Inland Waterways Promotion Office, in 2005. Lhoist is determined to adopt this modal policy of switching from the road to the waterway in the light of its impact on the environment (less noise, dust, greenhouse gas emissions), on mobility and safety. The waterway offers the LHOIST group and its customers a strategic competitive advantage, protecting the entity's long-term shipments owing to the huge spare capacity it now has ".What is more, this analysis is a reflection of a responsible social decision, because "Environmental management is a key sustainable development factor for the LHOIST group."