Port area : Trilogiport
Activities : Immobilier,Logistique


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WDP - Warehouses with Brains

WDP,  a leader on the Belgian market, is also one of the main European players in the field of design and rentals of semi-industrial buildings and warehouses. It currently has a portfolio of around 3 million m2 of rentable area, most of it covered with semi- industrial buildings.

WDP has a particularly large presence in a region of major logistical importance, namely the Rotterdam-Brussels – Antwerp- Lille-Paris axis. As well as being present in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, WDP is also building up a strategic real estate portfolio in the Czech Republic and Romania. WDP is listed on the Brussels and Paris stock exchanges, and while it has large financial leverage it acts fully in keeping with a long-term partnership-based approach, as our activities go well beyond simply renting out warehouses. WDP offers special advantages as a partner in the field of real estate.


• Builds and rents out warehouses and facilities for use as distribution centers;
• Carries out tailor-made projects on behalf of users;
• Carries out sale and rent back operations.
WDP is proud to be one of the concession-holders in the logistical area of Liege Trilogiport multimodal platform, one of the 33 areas managed by the Autonomous Port of Liège. On this 10 hectares site WDP is developing 50,000 m2 of state-of-the-art warehouses specially designed to accommodate port activities.
Three buildings are currently planned: one of 10,000m², one of 13,000m² and one of 27,000 m².