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AXIMA Refrigeration has a long track record of creating, producing and managing cooling systems.

AXIMA has been the brains behind several path-breaking concepts in the food, sports and recreational sectors, as well as being a pioneer in many other areas : now an undisputed leader on the Belgian industrial, commercial and transport cooling system market, it also oversees the entire cold chain.

Moreover, Axima has the expertise required to manage and maintain your installations, offer advice during project changes and guarantee your equipment is in keeping with the most stringent safety requirements and the latest environmental standards.

Our seasoned engineers lend us their support in creating a comprehensive, project-based concept consistent with the quality requirements and the customer's expectations. Energy and environmental considerations are also taken into account. The quality and smooth operation of your cooling equipment are inextricably linked with easy maintenance and life cycle costs.

AXIMA also leads the way in PLC controls. A team of cooling procedure experts is available for the control programming process, plus the monitoring and the viewing of your equipment.

AXIMA Refrigeration operates in 11 European countries, relies on over 1,800 engineers and technicians and logs a turnover of over Euro 300 million. A firmly-based communication network ensures an effective complementary relationship between companies and the know-how development process. Owing to its strategic location in the Port of Antwerp, AXIMA Refrigeration is also the ideal partner for your international projects.

Commercial cooling systems

AXIMA Refrigeration's ‘commercial cooling’ division offers you the best possible solution for a wide range of applications: cooling commercial premises, air-conditioning, cold rooms, storage rooms for frozen products and environmental chambers, etc

Industrial cooling systems

AXIMA Refrigeration has built up an enviable level of expertise in miscellaneous industrial applications:

– Food sector : breweries, dairy and dairy produce industry, abattoirs, preservation and processing fruit and vegetables, fish auction and transfer facilities, industrial bakery and confectionary trade

– chemicals and petrochemicals: industrial cooling for miscellaneous chemical processes, cooling storage tanks and units for filling, storing and processing pharmaceutical products, gas condensation systems

–sports and recreation : an enviable worldwide reputation for the construction of ice rinks, covered ski slopes and snow manufacturing

Transport cooling systems

AXIMA Refrigeration is the exclusive importer and distributer of Thermo King cooling units for transport temperature control and air-conditioning for coaches and buses in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Thermo King has a comprehensive range of temperature recording systems, equipped with state-of-the-art means of communication.


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