Antargaz Belgium sa/nv

Port area : Pétrolier
Activities : Produits pétroliers


Rue du Trixhay 98
4020 Wandre BE

+32 4 362 91 67
+32 4 362 96 30



Opting for Antargaz means accepting the services of the best possible partner

 *A guarantee of a well-known brand. As a market leader we are delighted to place our experience at your service

 *Nice and comfortable inside, not a care in the world outside

 *Comfort is not just heat, it also means the services and specialist advice of professionals. So with Antargaz you have come to the right address

 *Flexible payments. You are at liberty to decide on the payment system that best suits your needs: direct debit, cash or a transfer

 *Not a care in the world. Antargaz will maintain your tank to enable you to derive maximum benefit from our heat and comfort

 *We get together with you to decide on the delivery arrangements

 *The comfort of a contract where everything is spelled out and there are no surprises lurking