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Bertrand Lejeune - Directeur Général

Tata Steel Group

SEGAL is a galvanisation company operating production lines specially designed for the hot galvanisation of thin sophisticated steel plates for the car industry. It is set-up in Flémalle, in the world's largest complex of high-level galvanisation lines.
It was created in 1986 by Phénix Works (BE-Wallonia), Sidmar (BE-Flanders) and Hoogovens-Ijmuiden (NL).
The first two were then incorporated into Arcelor and in 2004, Hoogovens Ijmuiden, which itself is integrated into the Anglo-Dutch steel group CORUS (acquired in 2007 by the Indian group Tata steel), bought up all the SEGAL shares.
A path-breaker in its line of business in Europe, SEGAL has since been joined by 20 or so similar units catering for the same market, thereby underscoring how far-sighted its founders were.
SEGAL has been steadily improving the quality of what it manufactures, and expanding its catalogue of products.
Its capacity has been gradually doubled to reach over 540 kt, currently the right level in this line of business, one that enables it to make its mark in its market and offer a fair price for the qualities made.
The parent company Tata Steel Ijmuiden is responsible for the sales activities and produces the basic steel. Segal's continuous line is the focus of the surface preparation, annealing, galvanisation and finishings required. The products are sent to the customers of its parent company in the form of spools.
SEGAL is sited along the Meuse and a Liège Port Authority area, while three-quarters of the traffic involving 1.1 million tonnes of semi-finished and finished products are transported by ship or train.
150 people work at the SEGAL site.
At its inception SEGAL ushered in a policy of seeking Total Quality as part of a continuous improvement approach widely espoused by all the staff.
The quality of its processes has been acknowledged since
1990 via official accreditations granted by car manufactures. This was followed up by the ISOTS 16949 and ISO 9001 standards.
SEGAL is also constantly on the lookout to promote good-neighbourly relations and minimise environmental problems. Its environmental management system has been consistent with the ISO 14001 standard since 2001.
It has also successfully espoused the 2010 programmes for cutting CO² emissions along with the Belgian steel sector as a whole.