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Thierry Van Frachen - Directeur

Meuse & Sambre

Founded in 1906 in Beez (Namur), Meuse & Sambre started off by specialising in the construction and maintenance of barges of all types - Spits (Frecynet-style) to Rhine vessels (80 m). 

Between 1940 and 1985, Meuse et Sambre designed and delivered dozens of vessels of all types to Central Africa (pusher crafts, lighters, mail boats, buoying vessels, dredgers..), specialising in shallow draught vessels. 

The items produced in the aluminium division Meuse et Sambre set up in 1980 include aluminium speed launch boats for Belgian combat engineers. 

After 1988, Meuse et Sambre developed an industrial subcontracting business with the likes of the CARMEUSE and CBR companies.

In 2004 and 2006, Meuse et Sambre had the Monsin slipway extended to 135 m, the Beez slipway boosted to 1,100 t and the maximum length of vessels being built in Beez increased to 12.50 m.

After 1995, Meuse et Sambre started making passenger boats (large inland waterway passenger ships, restaurant ships) and vessels for special purposes (container tug-pushed lighters that can be provided with low clearance ballast, stainless steel pumping pontoon,..). 

Meuse et Sambre started up production of tailor-made engine-powered or sailing yachts in 2007. Made of steel or aluminium the vessels are 20 to 30 m long.

Fields of competence

  Identification of waterway transport projects

  Design or assistance in designing floating installations of all types.

  Preparing floating installation projects, including the formulation of specifications, stability, structural and propulsion surveys and manufacturing plans.

  Manufacturing all types of steel, aluminium or stainless steel floating installations.

  The manufacture may be a complete process or produced for onsite reassembly.

  Onsite monitoring of the construction of floating installations of all types.

-- Receipt to delivery of floating installations of all types.


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